Domestic Violence

There is no question that Domestic Violence is a scourge in our community today, and I do not argue the reality that Males are generally the perpetrators of domestic and sexual violence and women are generally the victims of domestic and sexual violence. However, we need to remember that “generally” does not mean “exclusively”. According to statistics, women are perpetrators of 25 per cent of domestic violence against men, (that’s one in three,) and also against children, and within the figures for victims, no reference is made of the figures for Women who are victims within same sex relationships.

The popular narrative by Government figures is made only with reference to men as the perpetrators, yet the statistics show otherwise. Only one conclusion can be made from this, that Government advertising and publicity on this issue is purely for Political mileage, not representative of the facts.

The NSW Govt. in fairness has made some move towards acknowledging the real facts, by releasing a page with the FACS website here and this provides some balance. However, when the “Spokeswoman” for 9Honey gets airplay with statements like this, “that there are no male dv victims but in fact males only claim dv as a way of diverting attention away from workplace gender inequality!!!” we need to question the whole narrative we are presented with by popular media.

While well-intentioned, efforts to reduce family violence against women that use incomplete, incorrect or misleading statistics unfairly stigmatise men and boys as violent and abusive, and succeed only in denying or downplaying the existence of male victims of violence. When we make female perpetrators invisible, we make their mostly male victims invisible too. Blaming ‘men’ not only makes it harder for male victims to get help, it also puts them at risk of secondary victimisation when they present as a victim yet are treated like a perpetrator.

All victims of violence and abuse, whether male or female, deserve policies based upon up-to-date accurate data. Flawed data can only lead to flawed policies and actions, and many children continue to be exposed to violence because of these misinterpretations.

It is long past time Domestic Violence advertising on our Media became non Gender specific, and Political and Public figures utilising time on our media spoke of Domestic Violence without reference to the specifics of gender.

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4 thoughts on “Domestic Violence”

  1. Well said mate and needs to be mentioned, the feminazies and the PC wankers have been using terminology to downplay the real scenario. What we need is real equality not agenda twisting and revenge. Not all men are bastards despite what is being thrown at us.
    The Mee too movement is a real sign of our times, all about the individual and not about improving our society and how it behaves.
    i feel sorry for victims…all of them, Women, Girls, Boys and Men.
    I have been tested as a child but fortunately managed to evade real harm by speaking up, encourage all to speak up and out

    1. I am less concerned about the feminist brigade than the Political figures who make the Male the only “seen” protagonist, and fail to place any funding in the hands of organisations who can help Male victims. They continually play up to populist right wing views for nothing more than Political gain, and even the statistics, which show 25% of male victims are slanted because within our Society Men are less likely to report out of shame.


    1. Thank you for your kind comment, this is new to me, thought it was time I started speaking up about stuff


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